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Princess Birthday Cakes

What is a birthday party, without a birthday cake?

Here you can find recipes, cake ideas and cake kits.

Princess Cake Recipes and Decorating Tips

 Princess Castle Cake 1

Betty Crocker Princess Castle Cake

Ariel & Jasmine Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Castle Cake

Castles In The Air

Candy Castle Cake

Cinderella Cakes

Princess Cake

Handmade Castle Cakes

Cake and Candy Kits and Decorating Tools

Romantic Castle Cake Decorating Set

Create a fairy tale for your special celebrations, with the Castle Cake everyone will love.Everything you need is included: 3 sizes of detailed turrets, lattice windows, a paneled door and roof pieces to transform your tiered cake to a fantasy castle design. Easy to assemble, then bake and frost. Position the turrets and door, windows and roof. Add decorating details as you want. Complete assembly plus decorating ideas.
Images are copyrighted.

  Castle Lolly Mold (K-72)
For chocolate, soap or crafts (temperatures up to 150 F). 3 cavity mold is approx. 8" x 10"

   Princess Pretzel (K-93)
Royal Princess. For chocolate, soap or crafts (temperatures up to 150 F). 4 cavity mold is approx. 8" x 10" 

Princess Candy Mold Kit
For chocolate, soap or crafts (temperatures up to 150 F)...

Princess Lolly

Tiara's for your little Princess. For chocolate, soap or crafts (temperatures up to 150 F). Mold has 4 cavities which include "Princess" embedded text in each Tiara. Mold is approx. 8" x 10" 

High Heel Shoe (3D) Hard Candy Mold (8H-13750)

This 4 cavity mold has matching shoe halves (make 2 3D shoes at a time). Designed for temperatures up to 325 F. Mold is approx. 7 1/2" x 9"

Princess Designer Candy Box

This (4 cavity gold tray insert) box is designed to be used with Princess Candy Mold (K-136). Simply cast the chocolate mold & put pieces in the gold tray, which then fits snugly into a pink box with a clear lid for optimum display. Both trays and lids are F.D.A. approved.

Castle Hard Candy Mold
Nice detail. Designed for temperatures up to 325 F This 3 cavity Mold is approx. 7 1/2" x 9"


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