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Princess Birthday Party Ideas - An Enchanting Birthday
By Mike Dougherty

Once upon a time in a kingdom run by the most wonderful king and queen (you), there lived a beautiful princess (your child) who was preparing to celebrate her birthday.

Then one night the princess had a dream and in her dream she wished for an enchanted princess birthday party.

The King and Queen wanted to make the princess's dream come true, so they planned a lovely party just to please their daughter.

With these enchanted princess birthday party ideas, your child's wishes and dreams will come true.

Imagine your little girl all dressed up in her royal princess costume, happily greeting her party guests as they arrive for her special celebration.


I suggest the "royal treatment" for your special celebration announcements.

As the royal family, you may wish to send your invitations on parchment paper. When your invitation is ready to deliver, roll up the parchment paper and tie a bright red or purple ribbon around it.

Your royal wording might start off like this.

"Announcing a royal celebration"

"Once upon a time... As a royal subject, your presence is requested by the king and queen of the kingdom (your last name) to attend an enchanted Princess Birthday Party for her highness, princess (your child's first and last name) on the magical occasion of her (how old she will be) birthday."

"This royal celebration will be a princess costume party where all are invited to dress in their princess wardrobe. Our enchanted birthday party will take place on (day and date) and will begin at (time) with our celebration concluding at precisely (end time of your party)."

"The King and Queen request that all royal subjects planning to be in attendance, please RSVP by (day and date)."

"Her royal highness princess (your child's first name) looks forward to your attendance at her princess birthday party which promises to be an enchanting time for all."

"Our party will take place at the castle (families last name) located at (address).

Deliver Your Invitation

Here's a fun idea. Have someone in costume actually hand deliver your invitations. Imagine how surprised and delighted your party guests will be. And they'll know this party is going to be very special. What fun.

Royal Decorations

When decorating, the royal family always uses red, purple, pink, blue and white balloons. You can also find a number of excellent online party supply stores where you'll find all kinds of incredible decorations to brighten up your castle.

You can cover your ceiling in colorful helium balloons, and be sure to decorate your mail box and your front door to help your party guest locate your castle entrance. You might decorate your front door with a colorful balloon archway for your guests to walk under.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas - Games

Pin The Tiara On The Princess

Cut out a picture of a princess from a coloring book, or get a princess poster, then cut out some small paper tiaras that your guests can stick on the picture... Remember to put each child's name on their tiara.

Enchanted Musical Statues

Have your party guests move to the center of the room. Start playing some music related to your theme. Have your guests start moving and dancing around... Then stop the music and everyone has to freeze like a statues. Anyone who moves is out. Keep repeating this until only one person is left.

Royal Message Relay

Have all your guests sit in a circle. Have your birthday child think of a silly royal phrase or sentence. It might be a funny message for the king and queen... Your birthday child whispers the message to the guest on their right. That child whispers the message to the person on their right until the message travels all the way around the circle to the person sitting just to the left of your birthday child. That child then repeats the message out loud... Then the birthday child tells everyone what the original message was... Everyone gets a turn. The more the message gets mixed up, the more fun it is.

Princess Dress Up

Pick up some fun things like tiaras, mirrors, combs, boas, jewelry, long gloves and even high heels for the young ladies to play with.

And don't forget to take lots of still pictures and shoot lots of video.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas - Royal Food And Drink

May I suggest the following elegant finger foods be served.

Royal melon, served with tooth picks

Finger sandwiches

Carrot Sticks


Celery sticks filled with peanut butter

Purple, red or pink Jelly Beans

Small crackers with cheese


Royal orange slices

Apple slices with caramel dip

Strawberries dipped in chocolate

And for those thirsty moments:

Royal punch with sherbet ice cream and a taste of ginger ale

Sparkling grape or apple drink

Lemonade with strawberries

Princess Birthday Party Idea

We hope your child's enchanted Princess Birthday Party is a big hit and that your child's birthday wishes and dreams do come true.

Mike Dougherty is a grandfather with lots of birthday party experience. For more exciting Princess Birthday Party ideas, take a quick look at

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