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Disney Princess History and Fun Facts for Party Trivia Games
By Gail Leino

Just ask any little girl who their favorite Disney Princess is and they can answer with little or no hesitation. Some will answer Snow White, the first official Disney Princess. Making her debut in Disney’s first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first shown in theaters in 1937. Snow White’s kind heart and survivor spirit has endeared her to young children, and in particular future, Disney Princesses ever since.

Cinderella is another Disney Princess that is instantly recognizable to young children. Cinderella was a kind, gentle girl who was ordered around by her cruel stepmother and her awful stepsisters and yet, she just keeps dreaming that someday, she will be happiness and fall in love with a handsome, caring prince. When a royal invitation arrives announcing a ball for all eligible maidens in the land, Cinderella thinks this might be her big break. Unfortunately, her stepmother worries that Cinderella will take the attention of the prince from her daughters and prevents her from attending. Or so she thinks, until a Fairy Godmother “bibbity bobbity boo[s]” a carriage complete with footmen, and a ball room gown and glass slippers that are nothing short of amazing. Cinderella, of course, with her dreams coming true and her ability to get out of her miserable life with her stepmothers, makes her the classic Disney Princess and a favority of little girls everywhere.

Sleeping Beauty introduced Princess Aurora, also known as Briar Rose, to little girls everywhere. Starring in a wonderful story of true love conquers all, Princess Aurora is a Disney Princess who falls in love with a young peasant boy she meets in the woods even though she knows she is to marry a prince. How lucky for Princess Aurora to find out that her true love and Prince Phillip are really the same person. Because, based upon the curse of Maleficent, only true love’s kiss can wake the sleeping beauty from her slumber and Prince Phillip is only happy to comply.

Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel are the newest young ladies to be join the ranks of being called a Disney Princess. Their stories, although newer, than those of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, are just as sentimental and enticing to young girls everywhere. Such a super group of characters make having a Disney Princess party a great idea for girls of all ages.

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