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Frequently Asked Questions 

Mirror, Mirror on the wall , whose the fairest of them all?

You are so silly!

Do you offer gift certificates?

No we do not.  All of the items throughout the site that can be purchased are from other websites.  We do not sell the  items directly, we only you showcase the items.  If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please click on the items that you like and you will be redirected to the website in which you can purchase that item.  There you will be able to see if that website offers gift certificates.

How do I track a purchase/package?

All of the items throughout the site that can be purchased will redirect you to another site in order for you to purchase them. Therefore you must track the package through the website in which you made the actual purchase.  If you do not remember the name of the website, simple click on the item that you purchased through this website and you will be redirected to the proper site.  We are not responsible for any tracking or purhcases made outside of our site.

Do you exchange links?
Yes.  Please email me your site name, URL and description.  Family Friendly Sites ONLY will be considered.  A reciprocal link is required.

How fast do you ship?
All Things Princess does not ship out items.  You must visit the site in which you made the actual purchase.  If you are uncertain of the website, please click on the item your purchased through this site and you will be redirected.

Create A Princess FAQ

1.   I can't view the props to make a princess.  What should I do?
You may find that refreshing your page may change the images on the page.  A few options are to clear history and visit the page again.  Refresh on another page and then revisit the page.  Open a new browser and visit the page again.  Type out the url address as opposed to clicking the link.

2. How much are the Create A Princess Tees?
You can view the prices on the order form

3.  How do I get the feather boa over/under the chin?
You may have noticed that there are 2 heads.  Switch to other the head to get the effect that you want.

4. How do I get the shoes under the dress?
If the shoes are being shown over the dress its because the dress in long enough to cover the feet and shoes are not needed.  All other dresses should have the shoes underneath.

5. Can I purchase the image alone?
We do not sell our images.  They are made by me and exclusive to all things princess.  If you would like it added to merchandise we do not offer, please contact us and we can try to work with you.

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